Ruby Reborn - SOM Weapon Update [1/2].

Our host had a sudden shut down (windows update) so we used this time to apply the first part of the update which focuses on SOM Weapons. The next part of the update with the new SOM, activities and quests will be introduced later this week.

Update Notes:

SOM Weapons are now available at Moon Dealer Chang (Alexandria South).

Added new SOM Weapon immortal stones. You can get them with the following ways:
1. Item Mall.
2. Uniques.
3. Ruby Points.

Added new lucky powders for SOM Weapons which will be available for gold.

Added new stones for SOM Weapons, you can get them from monster drops, Job Temple monsters have increased drop rates!

Survival Event.
1. Survival kills now give you 1 Ruby Jewel.
2. Zerk has been disabled inside the event area.

1. Increased magic pop rates.
2. Added SOM Shield to magic pop.
3. Added new glow changers for SOM Weapons which will be available on the item mall.
4. Immortal stones are now dropping from Purgatory again.
5. Colored fortress war titles.
6. Reduced D10 Immortal stones price to 55 silk.
7. Changed Moon Crate Gold Price to 800M.


Ruby Crew

20.02.2018 05:31

Ruby Reborn | Update 2

- CTF gives 1 Ruby Jewel per kill
- Battle Arena gives 20 Ruby Jewel per win & 9 per lose
- Magic Pop Price has been changed to 30 Ruby Jewel in Ruby Special NPC
- Diamond Crate B Price has been changed to 75 Ruby Jewel
- Diamond Crate A Price has been changed to 100 Ruby Point
- Fixed the space between Cerberus Slayer Title
- Star Crate A price has been reduced to 100 Ruby Points
- D1 Lucky Powder has been added to Holy Water Temple Uniques
- Fixed Job Cave Mobs Skills (attacks)
- Reduced Unique Spawn Times (they now spawn more)
- Fixed Arabia Uniques Spawn (they didn't respawn, now they do)
- Changed CTF/BA/Survival times (can be found in FAQ)
- Applied patch for phBot auto trading (challenege question)
- Arabia Trade Route first teleport has been moved to Aircraft Dock
- Special Title color has been changed
- Fixed the name of 50 Rubies Scroll
- Bow Passive's critical increase has been changed to 3%
- EXP Rate has been increased to 40x solo & 45x party
- Honor Buffs has been resetted!
- Phantom Desert attack damage has been fixed
- Purgatory Monsters' HP has been decreased
- Purgatory Monster Drops:
Devil Wing Dress (M) or (F), 10% Damage Scrolls, Sabakun Jewel, Moving Speed (1 week), HP/MP Increment 430, Final defense gender switch tool, 1 Day Clock of resurrection, D1 Lucky Powder, Ruby Jewel, Sos Crate B
- Decreased Gold Lottery silk reward
- Added 1x Magic PoP Drop to Ivy & Uruchi & Tiger Girl & Cerberues
- Increased rewards for Holy Water Temple (intermediate, advance)
- Increased Spawn count for Job Cave Mobs
- Increased HP of Medusa
- Elixir Drop Rate for Job Cave Mobs has been increased

Event Times (GMT+2):
00:50 (CTF)
04:50 (CTF)
07:50 CTF
10:50 CTF
12:50 CTF
14:50 CTF
16:50 CTF
19:50 CTF
22:50 (CTF)
23:50 BA (Random)
01:50 BA (Random)
05:50 BA (Random)
08:50 BA (Random)
11:50 BA (Random)
13:50 BA (Random)
17:50 BA (Random)
03:50 BA (Party Collection)
06:50 BA (Party Collection)
09:50 BA (Party Collection)
15:50 BA (Party Collection)
21:50 BA (Party Collection)
20:50 BA (Job)
23:00 (Survival Arena)
02:50 (Survival Arena)
11:00 (Survival Arena)
18:50 (Survival Arena)
24.01.2018 23:22

Ruby Reborn | Update 1

- Added Drops to Ruphus
- Added Togui Escape Teleport (Route)
- Increased trade goods price to 20m (sell back => 10m)
- Fixed some titles
- Added Special Titles (available at title dealer) with special light blue color
- Union Chat Limit has been changed to 32
- Increased Stones Rate (doubled)
- Removed Job Areas Teleport from hotan (useless)
- Disabled PK
- Fixed Devil's Garden Map
- Normal items sell now to npc with a lot lower price (to avoid gold bots)
- Added Job Cave Teleports
- Changed Devil S & Angel Spirit S last skill values to 17% Damage & 20% Moving Speed
- Fixed Reverse Delay after spawning
- Disconnect issues has been fixed!
- Removed Job Cave Monsters (caused lag)
22.01.2018 22:58

Grand Opening.

As you already know our grand opening is at 20th of January at 20:00 GMT+2, Ruby Reborn will be historical so you should definitely not miss it. Be part of the history which is about to be written! Best of luck to all our players.


Prepare for intense fights

10.01.2017 18:58
Server Info
  • Players Online: 4639 / 6000
  • Supporters Online: 6 / 10
  • Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 30x
  • EXP/SP 35x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • IP Limit 10
Server Timers
  • Time: 04:59:29
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Everyday (Sunday until 6 PM)
  • CTF:
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