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Ruby Crew

04.03.2018 22:01

[UPDATE] The big refresh.
This update focuses on refreshing the job activity in game and at the same time improving all other in-game activities.

Current Situation.
It is very common to see the player count decreasing on the second month of the server while almost all big guilds have left. However there is something that make us really optimistic for the future of ♦️Ruby Reborn. Since the server broke all records in terms of population this gives us a big advantage. Even if most big guilds left we still have the population we had at the peak of the first Ruby!

You, the players who stay are those who we respect and won't stop working for you. It is our pleasure to have a population of 3.000 players who love the game and play for fun. We want to ensure you that we won't let you down and will keep updating the server frequently as we are already!

It is very nice to see that we have that much population of real Silkroad players without big guilds and it never happened before, we really believe the community will improve a lot and the game has a big future!

Update Notes:

1. New FFA event has been added to a brand new area, you can teleport to the event area from the dungeon teleporter at Alexandria South.

Duration: 3 Minutes.

Reward: 10 Rubies(Silks) per kill!

2. Party detection has been added for Survival events and the new FFA event (you won't be able to create or join with parties inside).

3. Added new Muhan area, you can teleport there from the dungeon teleporter located at Alexandria South.

[STR] Bone Roc
[INT] Bone Roc

Drops: Same as Medusa but instead of SOM Shield it has very high chances of dropping SOD items!

Spawn Time: 19:50 server time

4. Brand new chat ban feature has been added.

5. Seal of Moon shield is now added as reward of Forgotten World collection, you can still choose SOD Weapon.

6. Seal of Moon necklace and earring are now available on the SoX Dealer for:

- 800 Ruby Tokens.
- 400 Ruby Jewels.
- 3 Gold Tokens .

7. Job temple automatic kill quest is improved it now requires 40 kills and gives 1x SOM Weapon Immortal stone & 40 Ruby Gems.

8. Job temple uniques now drop Ruby Gems, Seal of Diamond set & accessory parts.

9. Purgatory drops improved it now drops Ruby Gems and have great chances of dropping Seal of Diamond set & accessory parts.

10. Holy water temple uniques now drop Ruby Gems and have chances of dropping Seal of Diamond set & accessory parts based on the difficulty.

11. Fortress war object HPs reduced.

12. Our new trade route is now the main trade route (it became a lot more efficient - smaller).


13. Thief rewards are now increased to their previous value (Ruby Token: 7 per trade)

14. New automatic unique event will start everyday at 20:30 at Muhan area!

15. SOD Set parts and accessories now only drop from job temple monsters.

16. Job temple monsters defence is now lower.

17. Job temple teleporter distance from town has become smaller.

Ruby Crew

04.03.2018 22:00

♦️Ruby Reborn - The Next Mission (Update).


After completing more than 1 month online it is now time for the next hot activities and equipment to appear, we have focused on a completely different section. We know you worked really hard this month to get your Seal of Moon weapon and it is now time to enjoy playing with it. But what if you can enjoy playing with it and at the same time farming for the next Seal of Moon equipment? It would be awesome right? Well that's exactly what we have done!

💎Jobbing [3/6 SOD set parts - Untradeable].
Our idea when we started working on Ruby Reborn was to offer a server where all kind of players would have fair chances on playing on a really competitive level. So after a hard jobbing month, while we still want to keep jobbing active it won't be needed for the next Seal of Moon part.

Instead you will be able to pick 3/6 Seal of Diamond set parts (Shoulder, Hands, Foot) using Ruby Tokens and Gold Tokens.

SOD (Shoulder, Hands, Foot) price: 500 Ruby Tokens & 1 Gold Token each.

Limits will be as following to make sure people who missed or couldn't be active the first weeks will be able to catch up (SOM Weapon price 1500+3x SOD set parts 1500 = 3000).

1. Week: 2000 Ruby Tokens limit.
2. Week: 2500 Ruby Tokens limit.
3. Week: 3000 Ruby Tokens limit.

Total 3 SOD parts price = 1500 Ruby Tokens.

We achieved what we wanted which is to make gold really useful, it is more than obvious for most of you that gold has a very high value. It is time to drop the prices a bit.

-10D Lucky Powders price reduced to 200.000
-11D (SOM Weapon) Lucky Powders price reduced to 300.000

SOD Accessories.
As all the current tradeable equipment on the game have lost their value we have decided to add Seal of Diamond accessories to be dropping from all D10 monsters with a hard drop rate, good luck finding them!

💎Seal of Moon [Ring].
After giving enough time for a big majority of the server to get their Seal of Moons weapon it is now time for the next part to appear and this will be the most useful one! We've decided to bring Seal of Moon rings to the came with a way you will all love as it is a really enjoyable one.

New currency named Ruby Gems arrived!
We really wanted to create a new currency which will focus on making our new activities very active. So you can get Ruby Gems with the following ways:

1. Job Temple Kills.
Everyday each player can collect 20 Ruby Gems after killing 50 players inside the job temple, once the automatic quest is completed you will receive a message on the bottom right of your screen. This quest is automatic you don't need to pick or deliver it anywhere just go and kill your enemies!

2. Job Temple Events.

➡️Lucky Boxes Event.
Once this event starts 20 boxes will spawn all over the job temple, all you need to do is find them and kill them. Keep in mind that only 10 out of 20 will contain Ruby Gems[10] the other 10 will be empty! This event will start every 3 hours.

➡️Job Temple Carnage.
A really hot event which will make job temple CHAOS. Once this event starts every single kill inside job temple will give 1 Ruby Gem, this event will last for 1 hour. It will start everyday at 21:00 GMT+2.

➡️Job Fighting Event.
On this event 16 hunters/traders will fight 16 Thieves on an different area where they will be teleported, members of the job union which wins receive 20 Ruby Gems, the losing job union members will receive just 1. If you die you will automatically teleport back to town (you will still receive the reward if your job union wins).

3. Survival Events.
Each kill on survival will give you 1 Ruby Gem.

Seal of Moon Ring price: 600 Ruby Gems, 400 Ruby Jewels & 3 Gold Tokens.

As the game has progressed a lot it is now time to make the "big" uniques important again.

🔥Medusa now have 50% chances to drop a Seal of Moon shield!

🔥Roc has been added with the exact same drops with medusa also including the Seal of Moon shield.

💎General Changes.
-Survival events now give 1 Ruby Gem per kill instead of 1 Ruby Jewel.
-Experience rate increased a lot.

-New special silk lottery.
-More automatic events.


Ruby Crew

24.02.2018 17:33

Ruby Reborn - SOM Weapon Update [1/2].

Our host had a sudden shut down (windows update) so we used this time to apply the first part of the update which focuses on SOM Weapons. The next part of the update with the new SOM, activities and quests will be introduced later this week.

Update Notes:

SOM Weapons are now available at Moon Dealer Chang (Alexandria South).

Added new SOM Weapon immortal stones. You can get them with the following ways:
1. Item Mall.
2. Uniques.
3. Ruby Points.

Added new lucky powders for SOM Weapons which will be available for gold.

Added new stones for SOM Weapons, you can get them from monster drops, Job Temple monsters have increased drop rates!

Survival Event.
1. Survival kills now give you 1 Ruby Jewel.
2. Zerk has been disabled inside the event area.

1. Increased magic pop rates.
2. Added SOM Shield to magic pop.
3. Added new glow changers for SOM Weapons which will be available on the item mall.
4. Immortal stones are now dropping from Purgatory again.
5. Colored fortress war titles.
6. Reduced D10 Immortal stones price to 55 silk.
7. Changed Moon Crate Gold Price to 800M.


Ruby Crew

20.02.2018 05:31

Ruby Reborn | Update 2

- CTF gives 1 Ruby Jewel per kill
- Battle Arena gives 20 Ruby Jewel per win & 9 per lose
- Magic Pop Price has been changed to 30 Ruby Jewel in Ruby Special NPC
- Diamond Crate B Price has been changed to 75 Ruby Jewel
- Diamond Crate A Price has been changed to 100 Ruby Point
- Fixed the space between Cerberus Slayer Title
- Star Crate A price has been reduced to 100 Ruby Points
- D1 Lucky Powder has been added to Holy Water Temple Uniques
- Fixed Job Cave Mobs Skills (attacks)
- Reduced Unique Spawn Times (they now spawn more)
- Fixed Arabia Uniques Spawn (they didn't respawn, now they do)
- Changed CTF/BA/Survival times (can be found in FAQ)
- Applied patch for phBot auto trading (challenege question)
- Arabia Trade Route first teleport has been moved to Aircraft Dock
- Special Title color has been changed
- Fixed the name of 50 Rubies Scroll
- Bow Passive's critical increase has been changed to 3%
- EXP Rate has been increased to 40x solo & 45x party
- Honor Buffs has been resetted!
- Phantom Desert attack damage has been fixed
- Purgatory Monsters' HP has been decreased
- Purgatory Monster Drops:
Devil Wing Dress (M) or (F), 10% Damage Scrolls, Sabakun Jewel, Moving Speed (1 week), HP/MP Increment 430, Final defense gender switch tool, 1 Day Clock of resurrection, D1 Lucky Powder, Ruby Jewel, Sos Crate B
- Decreased Gold Lottery silk reward
- Added 1x Magic PoP Drop to Ivy & Uruchi & Tiger Girl & Cerberues
- Increased rewards for Holy Water Temple (intermediate, advance)
- Increased Spawn count for Job Cave Mobs
- Increased HP of Medusa
- Elixir Drop Rate for Job Cave Mobs has been increased

Event Times (GMT+2):
00:50 (CTF)
04:50 (CTF)
07:50 CTF
10:50 CTF
12:50 CTF
14:50 CTF
16:50 CTF
19:50 CTF
22:50 (CTF)
23:50 BA (Random)
01:50 BA (Random)
05:50 BA (Random)
08:50 BA (Random)
11:50 BA (Random)
13:50 BA (Random)
17:50 BA (Random)
03:50 BA (Party Collection)
06:50 BA (Party Collection)
09:50 BA (Party Collection)
15:50 BA (Party Collection)
21:50 BA (Party Collection)
20:50 BA (Job)
23:00 (Survival Arena)
02:50 (Survival Arena)
11:00 (Survival Arena)
18:50 (Survival Arena)
24.01.2018 23:22
Server Info
  • Players Online: 431 / 2000
  • Supporters Online: 0 / 2
  • Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 30x
  • EXP/SP 35x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • IP Limit 10
Server Timers
  • Time: 16:25:10
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Everyday (Sunday until 6 PM)
  • CTF:
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